DETAN-S Compression Rod System Carbon Steel

Filigree bracing, easy to install

To complement the Halfen DETAN tension rod systems the extraordinary design of the compression rod systems can be used as adesign element for interior and exterior environments.


To complement the Halfen DETAN Tension rod system we also offer a Compression Rod System, which can be incorporated technically and aesthetically perfect into a system. 

Compression rods consist of larger diameter tubes, which are tapered at each end allowing standard Halfen DETAN Fork heads to be used. Static calculation of compression rods according to EN-1993-1-1  is required for individual projects. A free Halfen DETAN calculation program is available.

Material of compression rod: S355J2, hot dip galvanised surface inside and ouside.

Tube diameters System - Ø Ds [mm :42, 54, 60, 76, 89, 114, 139]


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