HGC/FGC Grout Couplers

Seismic resistant couplers for precast

Moment HGC and Moment FGC are a fast and seismic resistant way of connecting together precast elements on site with a healthy tolerance using a high strength flowable grout.

  • The Moment Grout Couplers (HGC and FGC) are used for joining together precast concrete elements. It consists of a sturdy one-piece metal sleeve suitable for all applications and has been extensively tested to demonstrate seismic resistance. 
  • It is then filled with a high strength, flow-able, shrinkage equalised grout to provide a bond between the bar and the grout coupler sleeve. Different diameters, variants and thread systems are available to match the design conditions of the project. Each of which has a series of accessories to assist with the installation and make sure that no excessive grout leakage can occur.
  • Using the couplers together with precast shoes or mass grouting of all the grout couplers and bed joint in one process can reduce installation times and increase productivity
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