HZA Serrated Anchor Channels

Ideal for high cycle dynamic loads

The Halfen HZA Serrated Anchor Channels are used for high requirements and loads in the longitudinal direction of the channel. It is even ideally suited for seismic loads.

With their European Technical Assessment (ETA), Halfen HZA Serrated Anchor Channels fulfil all requirements of AS 5216:2021 and can be used in projects across Australia. Halfen HZA Serrated Anchor Channels work in conjunction with Halfen HZS serrated T-bolts to transfer loads in all directions.

Application examples:

- Lift Installation

- Precast Elements

- Pipe fixings

- Safety-relevant applications

Product Range:

- Halfen HZA Serrated Anchor Channels as cold formed profiles

- Halfen HZA Dynagrip Serrated Anchor Channels as hot rolled profiles

- Halfen HZA-CS as curved solution fur tunnels and other architecturally demanding constructions

- Halfen HZA-PS Power Solution for applications in safety-relevant areas of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities

- Halfen HZS as toothed T-bolts for fixing with loads in all three dimensions

Material quality:

- A4 stainless steel

- Halfen HDG hot-dip galvanized steel


- ETA-20/1081 for Halfen HZA Dynagrip hot rolled profiles and cold formed profiles

- ETA-17/0728 for Halfen HZA-PS

- ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR 4016“


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