Unilift Lifting System

Strong, Safe, Versatile

Ancon Unilift Lifting System is the ideal lifting and handling system for a wide variety of precast concrete products, particularly in civil engineering applications. 

  • The Ancon Unilift Lifting System consists of a range of lifting anchors, clutches and recess formers used for the safe, fast and efficient handling of a wide range of precast concrete items.
  • The unique, patented design of the Ancon Unilift Locking Klaw prevents disconnection between clutch and anchor. It suits all spherical head lifting anchors and is the strongest clutch on the market.
  • Ancon Unilift Cone Anchors and Ancon Unilift Reo Anchors are manufactured from hot-dip galvanised, forged, high impact strength construction steel.
  • Ancon Unilift Clutches and Ancon Unilift Anchors exceed the requirements for lifting systems in AS 3850.1:2015.
  • Available in 6 load classes: 1.3, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 32 tonnes.
  • Applications: lifting panels, pipes, pits, manholes, road barriers, bridge beams, planks, sound walls, culverts etc.
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