Ancon TTS Taper Threaded Splice

Fast installation for connecting rebars

Tapered Thread couplers are available in sizes 12 to 50mm. They are installed quickly and easily without the need for specially trained personnel or specialised machinery

  • Ancon Tapered thread couplers are suitable for connecting two reinforcing bars. They comprise an internally threaded sleeve with two right hand threads which are tapered towards the middle of the coupler. The bar ends are square cut and a tapered thread is cut onto the bar. 
  • In our production facility, the couplers are torqued onto one of the reinforcing bars and the internal threads protected by plastic end caps. The threaded ends of the continuation bar are protected by plastic thread protectors.
  • Ancon TTS starter bars can be made to order to a specific length to suit the requirements of your construction project.
  • They are designed to achieve failure loads in excess of 115% of the characteristic strength of grade 500 rebar.
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