Steel & Aluminium Fabrication Services

Formerly European Techno Steel NV

In 2021, European Techno Steel (ETS), was acquired by Leviat, a CRH company.

In January 2022, ETS rebranded to Leviat.

As Leviat, we are able to provide an extended range of steel fabrication services and finished steel products, and a larger, more agile supply chain. Operating from over 60 locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, Leviat is a global leader in lifting, connecting and anchoring technologies, primarily manufactured from steel and supplied to the building and civil engineering industries.

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Our Services

  • Fast, efficient turnaround from receipt of enquiry
  • Expertise in steels, stainless steels and aluminium, sheet and tubes
  • Piece and series work
  • Free form laser cutting – day or night
  • Water-jet cutting
  • Section forming
  • CNC machining – drilling, milling etc
  • Welding
  • Finishing – deburring, galvanizing & painting
  • CE marked construction products

To discuss your project requirements, please call Leviat on +32 (0)52 25 89 30 or email

EN 1090 | Factory Production Control | Certificate

(PDF, 279 KB)

'CE Marking' of fabricated steel/aluminium structures to EU construction products regulation

Laser Cutting | Sheet and Tube

Laser cutting is a highly accurate technique for cutting tailor-made pipes and plates. Our CNC-controlled, 6000 W fibre and 6000 W CO2 laser cutting machines can cut through the night if required, to meet urgent delivery deadlines. They are suitable for steel and stainless steel up to and including 25mm and aluminium up 15mm, above this thickness we offer water-jet cutting.

Water-jet Cutting

Under high pressure up to 4000 bar, water is forced through a small nozzle of the cutting head, leaving a clean, highly accurate, virtually burr-free cut. This cutting method is suitable for stainless steel, steel, titanium, aluminium, carbon, laminated materials, glass, plastics, rubbers, foams, fabrics, marble, granite, wood, paper etc.

Bending / Section Forming

Bending is a processing technique in which an angle can be set in metal sheet material. With our wide range of press brake tools, almost any bending work can be carried out.

Deburring and Edge Rounding

We use high quality Lissmac grinding machines for rounding edges and deburring products, essential for parts that need to be galvanized or painted.

Areas of Specialism

  • Construction materials/products, including CE marked masonry support systems
  • Telecommunication platforms, access hatches and manhole covers
  • Sheet metal and tube processing

Additional Services | Hot-Dip Galvanizing & Powder Coating

Leviat provides a range of product finishing services including galvanizing and powder coating in a RAL colour of your choice:

To discuss your project requirements, please call Leviat on +32 (0)52 25 89 30 or email:

Leviat (European Techno Steel NV trading as Leviat), Kalkenstraat 3, 9255 Buggenhout, Belgium