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Products used: Solea-Fix, Coupler, Tetraform, Stabox, Isotec, Thermobreak, Plakasafe and Murfor Compact

City: Brussells, Belgium

About the RTBF Media Square project

A collaboration worthy of a montage; Leviat works together with Besix, Valens and In Advance on the new RTBF house.

The RTBF gets a new home! The French-language broadcaster will get a new building with 7 floors above ground and another 3 floors below ground + a logistics building. The entire complex will house an editorial office, meeting rooms, all the studios and the restaurant.

The solutions we used in this project:


The "couplerbox" assembly system is designed to implement mechanical links between reinforcements in concrete constructions. The Couplerbox joining device combines safety and technical performance thanks to its special rolled cylindrical threads. The sleeved assembly resists static and dynamic solicitations particularly well.


  • Cylindrical thread (maintains its strength even when loosened by 2 or 3 turns)
  • Rolled thread (improves the mechanical characteristics of the reinforcement)
  • Produced in our workshop in Ternat (Belgium)
  • Particularly high resistance to dynamic solicitations

Link: Couplerbox - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)


Profilarc V2 standby boxes are used in concrete structures when continuous reinforcements are required, and for reasons of use, these reinforcements cannot be implemented in a single stage. The box can simply be placed on the formwork.


  • Box profile optimised to take up maximum load
  • Triple dovetail principle allowing for tightening during its shrinkage
  • Steel box for optimum concrete bonding
  • Easy stripping with the polypropylene cover

Link: Profilarc V2 - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)


The Isotec thermal break is a reinforcement system with the main function of eliminating thermal bridges caused by structural elements overhanging reinforced concrete structures (balconies, cornices, canopies, etc.).


  • Continuous stainless-steel bars: 100% reliable in stainless steel over the entire length
  • When the balconies are stored vertically or stacked, there is no risk of rust stains on the architectonic elements
  • Using rock wool insulation ensures very high resistance to fire
  • Isotec transmits the loads from overhanging elements such as balconies, cornices, acroterions, etc.
  • Isotec was designed to withstand shearing and/or flexion loads
  • Therefore any traditional project can be performed with an Isotec element
  • Reinforced with stainless steel mounting plates ensuring high robustness during transport and fitting on the worksite

Link: Thermal break Isotec - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)


Thermo Break is a high performance product used to thermal break. It is used to thermally decouple steel/steel or steel/concrete steel/steel or steel/concrete structures from a thermal point of view while while maintaining a mechanical bond between the different elements.


  • Thermal coefficient very low in proportion to its resistance to compression
  • Can be supplied in any shape
  • Low thermal transmission

Link: Thermo Break type 300 - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)


Plakasafe is a protective gutter, which can be placed very easily on the end of standby reinforcements. It draws attention to the hazard posed by standby devices and protects personnel from injury during contact or falls. It is fitted on vertical or horizontal standbys.

Link Plakasafe: Plakasafe - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)

Murfor Compact

Discover the next generation of masonry reinforcement. Murfor® Compact is made of a solid steel cable mesh which can be unwound easily in the masonry joints. Its extreme sturdiness and user-friendly format are key elements for a faster construction process and more durable masonry structures.

Read the benefits of this product on: Murfor® Compact - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)

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