We’re determined to be leaders in the quest for a more sustainable future for our industry, our society and the planet.


The construction sector has a fundamental role to play in the planet's most urgent and challenging mission. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We recognise that the best way to achieve this vital objective is by working together with others.

We pledge to do everything we can to empower and support you - our customers, suppliers, collaborators and end-users - to meet your own sustainability goals.

As an industry leader, driven by innovation and continuous improvement, Leviat is committed to achieving a more sustainable built environment, working closer with our customers & business partners.

Guillaume Hildenbrand, Vice President Leviat


By constantly innovating new engineered structural solutions, we are striving to play our part in creating a more sustainable built environment.

By constantly innovating new engineered structural solutions, we are striving to play our part in creating a more sustainable built environment.

Working with our construction partners we have helped deliver some of the most energy-efficient structures in the world.

Our work has been recognised by the leading science-based validation and certification systems for green building, including BREEAM, LEED and Passivhaus. 


By reducing thermal bridging, creating a more efficient building envelope and protecting against construction damage, our thermal breaks offer increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and lower total carbon usage throughout the lifespan of the structure.

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By creating stronger, safer buildings in earthquake-prevalent zones, our seismic range both protects people and property from harm and increases buildings' lifespans.

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Our acoustic reinforcement products reduce noise transfer between elements within the building, thereby combatting noise pollution and increasing comfort levels.

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Our Halfen HSD-LD Lockable Dowels improve site safety conditions by eliminating pour strip trip hazards, and offer significant savings in construction time, labour and materials.

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At Leviat, we are continually working towards carbon neutrality.

We are rethinking and redesigning our products and processes to support the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy.

We prioritise more efficient use of resources, choosing raw materials with higher levels of recycled materials and maximising both the service life and recyclability of our own products.

As part of CRH Group, we abide by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We report our CO2 emissions, including both our own direct emissions and indirect emissions from purchased electricity and other outside sources.

Sustainable power generation

Leviat, part of our CRH Europe Division, installed a Solar PV System at its production site in Spenge, Germany. This solar installation produces up to 438,000 kWh/year and thus covers approximately 30% of the annual consumption at site.

Green energy

We continue to invest in and develop our own green energy via solar panels and other on-site technologies (like our solar panels in Brisbane, Australia).

Vehicle electrification

We are committed to continuing to transition our car fleet to electric vehicles, and extending this policy to our forklift trucks.


Our commitment to sustainability in our products and processes is mirrored by our passionate determination to maintain a sustainable environment for our colleagues, our customers, and the public to live and work in.

For humans, a sustainable environment means, above all, a safe environment. We are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and caring environment for all who come in contact with our organisation.


Risk Management

We go beyond the requirements of legislation in implementing rigorous safety management systems at all of our locations. We adhere to CRH’s Mandatory Life Saving Rules, which target areas of greatest critical risk, including contractor safety, machinery energy isolation and site transport, and eliminate or implement effective control solutions for those risks. 

Inclusion and diversity

We are proud of the diversity of our team and value the different perspectives and ideas this brings to our business.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that attracts, develops, and empowers people of all backgrounds and experiences to achieve their best.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Council works directly with our leadership teams to provide strategic direction, oversight and accountability in this important area.