Halfen FPA

Adjustable in all directions,fast mounting

The Halfen FPA system is a reliable anchorage of large-size suspended concrete panels that is used in particular for architectural demanding façades on representative buildings.

  • With their simple elegance and complex shapes, concrete façades can provide architects and planners with more creative freedom. However, it is not only the aesthetics that are convincing; the economic and building's physical benefits are too.
  • Concrete façades are particularly durable and less susceptible to damage than other types of façade systems.
  • The Halfen Fixing system enables concrete façade slabs to be anchored to a supporting concrete structure quickly and easily.
  • In combination with horizontal anchorings, Halfen DS Spacer bolts and Halfen HFV Dowel restraints, Halfen FPA Precast panel anchors provide a reliable installation system for suspended concrete façades.