Effective solution, reliable installation

Halfen HIT provides structural and thermally efficient connections, reducing heat loss and preventing  condensation, but also high Impact sound insulation and fire resistance. 

Halfen HIT structural thermal breaks are available in a wide series of models, providing a solution for all your projects. Besides its high thermal performance, Halfen HIT also provides impressive impact sound insulation values.

  • Covered by a European Technical Assessment, two product lines are available: Halfen HIT-HP with an insulation thickness of 80mm and Halfen HIT-SP with an insulation thickness of 120mm.
  • Halfen HIT units are mostly symmetrical, enabling a reliable and safe installation.
  • The robust elements are adapted to transport and severe installation conditions.
  • Thermal insulation material with class A1 – non inflammable material gives an inherent fire resistance of more than 120 minutes.
  • Halfen HIT balcony connections are available in 25cm, 50cm and 100cm element lengths enabling time-efficient assembly on site.