Efficient and safe fixing 

Cold-rolled Halfen HTA-CE for the lower/medium load range and hot-rolled Halfen HTA-CE for medium/high load ranges - even for dynamic loads. Halfen HTA-CE channels fit for each application. 

Application examples:

  • Façades and precast concrete elements
  • Seating in stadiums
  • Utility pipes und signal equipment in tunnels
  • Guide channels in lift shafts
  • Pipes under bridges

Product range:

  • Halfen HTA-CE cold rolled channel profiles for economical solutions
  • Halfen HTA-CE hot-rolled dynamically loadable channel profiles
  • Halfen HTA-CE-CS as curved solution fur tunnels and other architecturally demanding constructions
  • Halfen HS as T-bolts for fixing
  • Halfen HSR as T-bolts for fixing with load capacity in channel longitudinal direction according to expert report

Material quality:

  • Halfen HCR high corrosions resistant steel
  • A4 stainless steel 
  • Halfen HDG hot-dip galvanized steel
  • GV-S zinc plated steel with special coating (T-bolts)


  • ETA-09/0339
  • ICC-ES Evaluation report ESR 1008