Halfen HZA

Fixing in 3 dimensions

The Halfen HZA DYNAGRIP is used for high requirements and loads in the longitudinal direction of the channel. It is even ideally suited for seismic loads.

Application Examples:

- Lift installation

- Precast elements

- Pipe fixings

- Safety-relevant applications

Product Range:

- Halfen HZA serrated channels as cold rolled profiles

- Halfen HZA DYNAGRIP serrated channels as hot rolled channels

- Halfen HZA-CS as curved solution for tunnels and other architecturally demanding constructions

- Halfen HZA-PS Power solution for applications in safety-relevant areas of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities

Material Quality:

- A4 stainless steel 

- HDG hot-dip galvanized steel


- ETA-20/1081 for Halfen HZA DYNAGRIP hot rolled profiles and cold rolled profiles

- ETA-17/0728 for Halfen HZA-PS

- ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR 4016