Halfen KKT

Safe, quick, efficient

The Halfen DEHA KKT System is a high quality and cost-effective system for all lifting applications. It can be used for heavy precast elements with anchor loads up to 45 tons. 

  • The Halfen DEHA KKT System belongs is a well-established lifting anchor system. 
  • It is used for applications where the speed of the hooking / unhooking process is the main factor.
  • The anchors are made of specially tempered round steel to guarantee the best results and reliable safety in application – even under extreme conditions.
  • The high-quality Halfen DEHA KKT lifting clutches allows a time-saving hooking and unhooking of the lifting anchor.
  • The Halfen DEHA KKT System is the best solution for increasing economic efficiency.
  • Halfen DEHA KKT clutches and anchors are compliant with the European Machinery Directive MD 2006/42 EC and EN 13155.
  • Available in 9 load classes from 1.3–45.0.
  • Applications: Lifting of wall and floor slabs, beams, columns, sandwich panel elements and concrete tubes.