Simple formwork design with no drilling

The Plaka Stabox system comprises a galvanised steel casing with pre-bent bars. The unit is cast into the concrete and the bars are straightened, ready for lapping as required.

  • The Plaka Stabox is a quick and easy to install method of maintaining continuity at construction joints in concrete. It consists of a  steel casing with a dimpled surface to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the casing and are enclosed by a protective cover. Each end of the unit is sealed with a polystyrene block in order to prevent ingress of concrete.
  • The unit is nailed to the formwork. Alternatively, it can be wired back to the main reinforcement cage. The concrete is then cast. After striking the formwork, the cover is removed and the bars are straightened, ready for lapping onto the main reinforcement.
  • The steel casing remains in the wall and is filled with concrete when the next section is poured, the dimpled surface providing an efficient key.