Shoreline, Folkestone - Leviat provides bespoke approach to masonry on spectacular seafront development

Shoreline case study image


Project: Shoreline Crescent

Products used: Ancon MDC Masonry Support, Ancon Windposts, Bespoke Ancon STC Balcony Connectors

City: Folkestone, UK

About the Shoreline Crescent Development

At Folkestone’s breathtaking Shoreline Crescent development, the creation of a mesmerising brick façade, that forms undulating waves to reflect its coastal location, has pushed the boundaries of innovation and creativity. The captivating design, provide the opportunity for Leviat's teams of skilled engineers to showcase their expertise and the versatility of their specialist and customised engineered masonry support system to bring the architect’s vision to reality.

Folkestone’s newest residential development, Shoreline Crescent, is being built by contractor Jenner for the Folkestone Harbour and Seafront Development Company. Sited opposite the Leas Lift and close to the harbour arm, the stunning development has been meticulously designed by award-winning architects Acme and will comprise 60 apartments split across two, seven-storey blocks at the east and west end of the sites. They will be joined by 20 interconnecting townhouses and four duplexes. Bay windows, balconies and roof terraces offer residents panoramic views of the sea.

The architectural inspiration was exemplified in the bespoke design, characterised by a glazed white brick façade and an intricate arrangement of convex and concave curves. Collaborating closely with Jenner and the balcony manufacturer, Leviat's technical engineers played a pivotal role in delivering support systems that seamlessly integrated into the building's curved design while maintaining an unobtrusive presence. The specification of top-quality materials remained of paramount importance throughout the process.

Early engagement was essential

With this remarkable building featuring unique angles and varying radii on its curved structure, the project demanded a truly customised approach necessitating close coordination between Leviat’s design engineers, from both the masonry and structural connection teams, and their production team. The curvature and complex geometry of the building’s design could have led to slab edge congestion and clashes between reinforcement and balcony brackets without the involvement and unwavering expertise of Leviat. Standardised solutions were never going to be an option and early engagement with Leviat was essential, minimising back-and-forth communication with the client and ensuring on-time delivery of engineering solutions that were compatible for both the design and use of Ancon Masonry Support and Ancon Balcony Connectors within the project scheme.

Bespoke masonry support solutions – no two support angles were the same

Leviat’s masonry support solutions were instrumental in the successful completion of the project’s four elevations. The solution comprised radiused Ancon MDC Bracket Angle Support, which was specially designed to co-ordinate with the curves of the brick façade - no two angles were the same. Ancon 28/15 Cast-in Channel was installed to the face of the reinforced concrete frame structure in order to support pre-cast brick soffits at the lower levels, and bespoke box-section Windposts were fabricated and installed on the ground floor. Special fabrications for the project’s acute corners were also designed. These unique corners required precise craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure a seamless fit and optimal structural performance.

The bespoke approach not only met the project's specific needs but also showcased Leviat’s ability to deliver tailored solutions for complex architectural designs.

Selecting materials that could withstand the harsh conditions of the coastal environment and high salt content of the sea spray was of upmost importance. To meet this requirement, the product solutions were manufactured using grade 316 stainless steel due to its durability and resistance to corrosion

Bespoke thermal break solutions for different sized balconies

Leviat designed and manufactured non-standard, bespoke Ancon STC stud brackets to connect all of the steel balconies to the curved concrete frame. Ongoing and daily collaboration between Leviat and the design team led to the creation of a system that supported the balcony loads effectively.

“There were a number of standard balconies across the project but there were also differing sizes and shapes of balconies which necessitated the manufacture of bespoke balcony arms,” said Nobert Omony of Leviat. “This involved designing and manufacturing these brackets for fixing to a curved concrete frame whilst carefully working around the clashes in the reinforcement of that frame.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Ben Thornby, Technical Manager at Jenner said: “With their unrivalled knowledge and innovative approach, Leviat's teams of experts across masonry and structural connections skilfully navigated the labyrinth of potential clashes, ensuring a seamless integration of all elements whilst at the same time eliminating any chance of compromise in the building's structural integrity.”

For what may well be the jewel in the crown of Folkestone’s transformative seafront development, Shoreline is set to make an impact with Leviat’s innovative structural components and technical prowess completely hidden from view, but playing a critical supporting role in the exterior aesthetics of this residential building.