The Open ’R Project - Discover an environmental benchmark in Europe

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Project: The Open ’R Project 
Products used:  Robusta threaded sleeves, Tetraform 3045C, LPPVE System, Continuous rebar spacers - PVC A & B profile, PVC sleeve 
Client: ADIM Nord-Picardie and Sogea Caroni 
City: Villeneuve d'Ascq, France 

About the Open ’R project 

ADIM Nord-Picardie and Sogea Caroni, both subsidiaries of VINCI Construction France, have started the Open'R project in Villeneuve d'Ascq (Nord) in 2019 with a very optimistic objective of finalising the office building by the end of 2021.  

Designed by the architectural firm MAES Paris, Open 'R offers collaborative spaces adapted to new work trends, terraces accessible at every level, as well as roofs and green spaces to promote conversation and conviviality. The building houses 17,500 m² of offices, 890 m² of shops and 500 parking spaces.

The overall project is part of a strong environmental approach and aims for BEPOS and BREEAM excellent certifications, which will make it a benchmark in the European metropolis of Lille (MEL). The energy performance of the building envelope will meet the requirements of RT 2012, improved by 40%. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, Open 'R receives the label E3 according to the BEPOS Effinergie 2017 scale. 

Leviat’s Plaka and Halfen Solutions were used to meet the different challenges of the Open ’R project 

1. DWQ Foot System for one-sided formwork 

One of the main challenges of the project was to make one-sided formwork in metal shutters. Our technical experts organised several meetings with Vinci's "Method" department to define the best possible implementation with the DWG Foot system (anchor holder for one-sided formwork). We have made a calculation and dimensioning of the anchor rods and their mutual distance to guarantee the resistance to concrete pressure. 

2. Tetraform type 3050 with waterstop seal  

The second challenge that Vinci’s engineers reached out to our technical experts for was finding a method to reseal an expansion joint. After presenting our full Tetraform range and the possibilities to process the expansion joint, the customer chose the 3050 system, which offered the possibility to cast on both sides simultaneously and optimize reinforcement. 

3. Spacers in star-shaped PVC pipes cut to size + 5cm ends  

To meet the wall requirements on this site, we made PVC spacers cut to the final size of the wall with 5cm ends. 

4. AFCAB certified Stabox for Seismic Zone II Building Category III  

Thanks to its AFCAB certification and production follow-up, the Leviat seismic Stabox was implemented on this site, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from other market offerings. 

5. Plastic Premium Profile / PVC / Zig Zag Spacers 

Due to the superior quality and better resistance to seismic reinforcement in at least ST50C of our Plastic Profil Prémium in 30mm coating, our range of spacers and formwork accessories were also used on this site.  

Lastly, to meet the punch shear of the columns at the parking lot level and to reduce mushroom floor slabs, concrete sections, and steel ratio, we used our Halfen range of products.  

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