BTP Parallel Roll-Threaded Splice

Enhanced resistance to fatigue loading

Ancon BTP Couplers produce a full strength joint by enlarging the rebar prior to creating the thread with an advanced, thread rolling process to increase the fatigue resistance.

  • The end of each bar to be joined is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the bar so that the joint is stronger than the bar.
  • Parallel metric threads are rolled onto the enlarged ends. The threaded end is then proof tested to a force equal to c.70-80% of yield strength of the bar.
  • The threaded ends of the bars are protected by an external plastic cap. Couplers, which are usually supplied attached to the bar, have their internal threads protected by an internal plastic end cap.
  • In some cases, the coupler end caps may not prevent the ingress of concrete fines. For these applications, further protection may be required.
  • Ancon BTP Couplers are available to join bars of different diameters and come in 3 different thread types to increase ease of installation


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