Ancon MBT

No preparation of the rebar is required

The Ancon MBT range provides a cost-effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when one bar is already in place and there is no space for a hydraulic press

  • Ancon MBT Couplers are easy to install and achieve loads higher than 115% of the yield strength of grade 500 bar. Neither bar end preparation, nor bar rotation are required.
  • Ancon MBT couplers can be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed bars.
  • As a series of lockshear bolts are tightened to a predetermined torque, they are embedded into the bar. At the same time the saddles bite into both the bar and the shell of the coupler. Installation is complete when the heads of all of the bolts are sheared off. The lockshear bolts on sizes 10mm to 20mm can be tightened using a ratchet wrench. For larger sizes a nut runner is recommended.
  • When the predetermined tightening torque is reached, the heads shear off leaving the top of the bolt slightly proud of the coupler. This provides an instant visual check of correct installation


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