Systems designed to suit specific project application

When considering masonry support; frame type, differential movement, type of cladding, masonry load and cavity width, all need to be considered when designing the most appropriate solution.

  • Ancon MDC Systems can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit particular applications and support special masonry features.
  • The size of the support angle can be varied to suit the thickness and height of the masonry to be carried. Bracket spacing, depth and height are all varied to suit loadings, fixing position and cavity width.
  • There are several variations of the standard Ancon MDC System. Ancon MDC/R has a reversed angle welded to the bracket, and Ancon MDC/I is a specially inverted system with the support angle at the top of the bracket. These variations allow the support leg of the angle to be positioned anywhere from the top of the bracket to a position below the bottom of the bracket.


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