Halfen Powerclick 41 & 22

Thanks to the different profile sizes (22, 41, 63 and 100), you will always find the most economical solution.

  • Simplifies installation, drives efficiency
  • Ideal for installations up to DN25

To ensure time and cost-efficient installations, Powerclick 41 and 22 cover low and medium-duty applications.

Compatible with the Powerclick 63 and 100 systems for medium and high loads, they retain their advantages. With four profile sizes (22, 41, 63 and 100), the most economical solution for each load level is easy to find.

A small number of different pre-assembled connectors facilitate project progress in all phases - user-friendly for the planner and time-saving on the construction site.

No power tools required: advantageous in potentially explosive industrial environments as it minimizes downtime during installation, upgrading and retrofitting.