Robust, easy and reliable steel connector

Ancon (S)STC steel-to-concrete balcony connectors are used to anchor steel balconies to concrete floor slabs. They reduce heat loss when compared to direct connections.

  • Ancon STC and Ancon SSTC balcony connectors have been proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss and eliminate condensation risk. The two-part assembly, comprising a cast-in anchorage and a post-fixed bracket with thermal pad located at the interface, allows for phased construction. Unlike one-piece systems which must be left exposed on-site for some time, the Ancon bracket component is not fixed until required, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Ancon STC and Ancon SSTC balcony connectors comprise materials of class A1/A2 combustibility only, ideal for high-rise construction serrated slots provide vertical adjustment on-site for fine tuning of balcony without levelling shims
  • Manufactured to order, the bracket depth can be designed to suit the exact requirements of the application and avoid conflicts with the external cladding.


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