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Leviat is a global leader in lifting, connecting and anchoring technologies for the construction and industrial sectors. 

We imagine, model and make engineered solutions and innovative products that enable safer, faster, stronger, more sustainable construction.


Supplying to over 30 countries


Clients around the globe


Properties constructed with Leviat products yearly


Leviat’s presence in Singapore dates back to 1998, with the founding of Moment (originally known as Halfen Moment). Today, the Moment product portfolio includes mechanical rebar coupler, precast lifting, connection accessories, and post-tensioning systems for the construction of long uninterrupted concrete spans.

Halfen, which expanded to Singapore from Germany in 2012, also offered decades of industry-leading products and services to customers around the world.

Now part of Leviat’s global portfolio of construction accessories offerings, both product ranges continue their long tradition of providing clients with trusted products, engineered solutions, and unrivalled customer support.

Product RANGES

Our trusted product ranges, including Moment, Ancon and Halfen, are all known for high performance, quality and reliability.

These engineered products and innovative construction solutions are used in a variety of market segments from residential to infrastructure, enabling users to build better, stronger, safer and faster.


The products you know and trust are an integral part of Leviat’s comprehensive brand and product portfolio.
From the safe handling of precast concrete elements and highly engineered concrete connections, to the support of architectural façades, there are few areas of a structure that are not improved by our construction solutions. As Leviat, our agile manufacturing processes enable us to respond quickly to fulfill urgent high-volume orders and meet challenging deadlines.

Channels & Bolt Fixings

Reinforcing Bar Couplers

Precast Connection & Lifting Systems

Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Post-Tensioning Systems


Build your own career with the full support of a global business.

Case studies

There is no challenge in the built environment that our engineers won't see as a possibility. The case studies shown below are just a few of our recent ventures.

From the tallest towers to the deepest underground stations, Leviat applies its technical expertise to design the most efficient, cost-effective and high-performance components for construction projects.


First Large-Scale Underground Substation in Southeast Asia
20 October 2023
First Large-Scale Underground Substation in Southeast Asia
Moment JT Coupler is being supplied to the first large-scale underground substation in Southeast Asia, located at Pasir Panjang, Singapore. This 230-kV electrical substation is being constructed underground to optimize space in land-scarce Singapore, supporting urban growth and development.
Image of Ancon MBT Coupler
29 September 2023
Ancon MBT for joining shortened rebars - now available in Asia!
Ancon MBT Couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation to effect installation. The bars are supported within the coupler by two serrated saddles.



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