We are evolving.
We are becoming Leviat. 

9 November 2020


Change is coming. Its name is Leviat. Leviat will unite the expertise, skills and resources of CRH’s leading construction accessories companies to create a world leader in engineered connecting, fixing and anchoring technology.
As Leviat, we will imagine, model and make innovative products and engineered solutions for a fast-changing world. We are combining the technology and talent of our specialist businesses to better meet the demands of customers and the complexities of construction projects on any scale, anywhere in the world.
The brands and the people you know and trust will continue to be there for you. As Leviat, we are building on our individual strengths to become faster, more agile and better equipped for the future.

  • 3,000


  • 30+

    Sales in 30+ Countries

  • 10


Leviat is being created to meet the demands of an increasingly globalised, technology-driven and sustainable construction industry.

The world of construction is changing. Urbanisation means cities and infrastructure are developing fast to support a growing population. Structures are more resilient and sustainable. Digitalisation is transforming the way we design and build, and how we conduct our business.

This changing world offers new opportunities to enhance product innovation, service delivery and efficiency.

We are evolving into Leviat to meet these challenges for our customers, to capitalise on these opportunities for our employees, and to position our business positively for future growth. As Leviat, we are embracing change to meet the demands of the global construction industry.

We are one team. We are becoming Leviat.