Innovative concrete connections including slender, high strength, steel-concrete composite columns and a comprehensive range of acoustic products.

The Aschwanden brand has been in existence since 1949 and has developed an enviable reputation for sophisticated engineering solutions that are innovative, high performing and premium quality. Aschwanden solutions provide improvements in the reinforcement and transmission of forces in the structural engineering of reinforced concrete and are used in various construction sectors, including residential and public non-residential buildings.

Aschwanden SILENT is a wide range of innovative sound-absorbing concrete connectors; ORSO is a range of prefabricated, lean, high strength, steel-concrete composite columns; and ARBO is a high performance, stainless steel insulated balcony connection system that provides structural integrity while minimising heat loss.

RINO is a unique, retrofitted, punching shear reinforcement for strengthening existing concrete structures, while DURA stirrup cages and steel heads provide reinforcement at column locations in new concrete construction.

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