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Lifting & BracingLifting & Bracing
Lifting & Bracing
Structural ConnectionsStructural Connections
Structural Connections
Façade Support & RestraintFaçade Support & Restraint
Façade Support & Restraint
Anchoring & FixingAnchoring & Fixing
Anchoring & Fixing
Formwork & Site AccessoriesFormwork & Site Accessories
Formwork & Site Accessories
Industrial TechnologyIndustrial Technology
Industrial Technology


Have a particular type of project in mind? Explore our applications below:

Image of Leviat Residential ApplicationsImage of Leviat Residential Applications


The residential construction market ranges from single family homes to high-rise multi-occupancy apartment blocks offering the latest in city-centre living, often as part of a mixed-use development.

Our innovative, engineered construction solutions play an important role in achieving the performance aspirations of this industry sector. In addition to providing structural integrity at wall and floor joints, we can also improve the fire-resistance, thermal and acoustic performance of the building, and contribute to the health, well-being and safety of residents.

Image of Leviat Non-Residential ApplicationsImage of Leviat Non-Residential Applications


Non-residential construction covers a wide range of buildings from schools, hospitals and offices, to shopping centres and car parks. These large-scale, multi-storey developments, typically involve a concrete frame with a central core. Safety and efficiency on site are paramount.

Our engineered concrete connections simplify construction joint detailing, improve safety on site and accelerate build speed.

Image of Leviat Infrastructure ApplicationsImage of Leviat Infrastructure Applications


Infrastructure developments such as bridges, tunnels and power plants are characterised by large areas of heavily reinforced concrete. Safe, high performance, space-saving construction solutions that are quick and easy to install are required.

For example, our mechanical reinforcing bar connections replace the need for lapping and tying bars together. This accelerates the speed of construction, reduces congestion in the concrete and improves the quality of the connection. We supply bar threading equipment to sites for the duration of the project to support the construction process.