At Leviat, a CRH company, we recognise that as a global leader in our sector we have an important role to play in the development of a more sustainable future for our industry, society and planet. Underpinned by our commitment to sustainability, we have ambitious targets and actions, which contribute to the delivery of global initiatives, including the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Construction

Innovating engineered structural solutions for a more sustainable built environment

Leviat is at the forefront of a changing global construction market, where demand for sustainable products continues to grow and evolve. We acknowledge this challenge and our responsibility to make these construction solutions available, in order to contribute to the development of smart sustainable cities.

We continue to develop innovative, engineered products and solutions to help our construction partners create structures with superior sustainability performance. We have helped deliver some of the most energy-efficient structures in the world - reflected in green building rating schemes such as BREEAM, LEED and PassivHaus.

Our construction solutions are used in all types of developments, including new homes, schools and hospitals, and go on contributing to the efficiency and integrity of the built environment throughout the life of a structure.

Structural Thermal Breaks
Our high strength, insulated connectors provide a thermal break at balcony locations, eliminating condensation and mould growth, and improving the energy efficiency of a building.

Halfen HIT Connectors

Fibre-Composite Anchors
Our innovative fibre-composite connectors minimise thermal bridging in walls built with concrete sandwich panels and are quick and simple to install.

Thermomass Connectors

Acoustic Connections

Our acoustic connectors transfer load and reduce the transmission of sound at joints in concrete structural frames, aiding concentration, relaxation and sleep in high-density accommodation.

Aschwanden Silent Connectors

Sustainable Masonry Repairs

Our repair and reinforcement products help preserve our built environment. They restore structural integrity in weakened masonry and improve the resilience of buildings against threats such as seismic activity.

Helifix DryFix Wall Ties


Lowering our carbon footprint towards carbon neutrality

At Leviat, we are rethinking and redesigning our products and processes to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. We prioritise resource efficiencies, the use of materials with a high recycled content and the recyclability of our products after a long service life; this helps us play our part in the move from a linear value chain model towards a circular economy.

Operational Excellence is the driving force behind the efficiency and ongoing improvement of our processes. Utilising the latest Lean Six Sigma principles, we work to continuously improve the quality of our products and reduce waste, operating costs and delivery lead times.

Via CRH, we report our CO2 emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol including all direct emissions (Scope 1), indirect emissions from electricity purchased (Scope 2) and all other indirect emissions occurring from sources we do not own or control (Scope 3).


‘Green’ Energy

We continue to increase our use of ‘green’ and own site generated energy, like our solar panels in Brisbane, Australia.

Vehicle Electrification

We are committed to continuing to transition our car fleet to electric vehicles, and extending this policy to our forklift trucks.

At Leviat, a CRH company, we are committed to measuring, reporting and continuously improving our sustainability performance. Our data is reflected in CRH’s annual Sustainability Report, which has been independently assured since 2005.


Above Everything Else

We have a no-compromise approach to working safely.

Safety is our top priority and at Leviat we are united in a common goal – that no one is hurt at work.

We implement appropriate safety management systems at every location, going beyond the demands of legislation to ensure that Leviat provides a safe, healthy and caring environment. As a CRH company, we adhere to mandatory CRH Life Saving Rules. These rules target areas of greater risk, including contractor safety, machinery energy isolation and site transport, helping us eliminate critical risks wherever possible and implement effective control solutions in all other places.

Inclusion & Diversity

Leviat is a global community of 3,000 people located across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We are proud of our cultural diversity and the different perspectives it provides us with. We also recognise, like many businesses in the construction and engineering sector, that we can further improve. Our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Council provides strategic direction, oversight and accountability in this area.

We are committed to having an inclusive culture that attracts, develops and retains a diverse group of people and empowers them to be their best, professionally and personally.