Custom-made support systems and lintels for masonry façades, plus thermal break technology to limit heat loss through the building envelope.

A well-known and highly respected name in Belgium and the Netherlands, Scaldex was added to Leviat’s portfolio of trusted product brands in 2022.

Scaldex masonry support systems, BFS and Sumo, are designed to suit specific applications and manufactured to order. They are supplied in galvanized steel as standard and can be finished with a powder coating, in a RAL colour of your choice, to provide additional and aesthetic material protection. Stainless steel systems are also available.

Scaldex Thermoshims are used between the support brackets and structure to reduce heat transfer across the insulated wall cavity.

Tailor-made lintels complete the Scaldex masonry range.

Comprising fire-resistant mineral wool insulation and stainless steel reinforcing bars, Scaldex Isofor is a prefabricated thermal break system for use at balcony locations. Isofor transfers forces between an internal concrete floor and external balcony slab while minimising heat loss to maximise the performance of the building envelope.

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