The residential construction market ranges from single family homes to high-rise multi-occupancy apartment blocks offering the latest in city-centre living, often as part of a mixed-use development.

Our innovative, engineered construction solutions play an important role in achieving the performance aspirations of this industry sector. In addition to providing structural integrity at wall and floor joints, we can also improve the fire-resistance, thermal and acoustic performance of the building, and contribute to the health, well-being and safety of residents.

For example, our engineered thermal break systems minimise heat loss at balcony locations, helping to cut fuel costs and preventing condensation and mould growth that can have harmful, long-term effects on occupants.

We also provide low thermal conductivity connectors manufactured from advanced composite materials that further reduce the impact of thermal bridging when used to join construction elements across a layer of insulation.


Noise can adversely affect concentration, relaxation and sleep. Our acoustic shear load connectors and linear bearing shelves help reduce the passage of sound through buildings by isolating adjacent elements.

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