Aptiv Connection Systems - Extending a state-of-the-art production plant in Morocco

Hero image Aptiv Connection Systems - Extending a state-of-the art production plant in Morocco


Project: Aptiv Connection Systems

Products used: Isedio ShieldJoint Arris Repair

City: Kenitra, Morocco

About the Aptiv Connection Systems Project

Leviat’s Isedio ShieldJoint Arris Repair has helped Aptiv Connection Systems to create a seamless transition between old and new in its Moroccan production plant.

Growing demand for the company’s advanced automotive technology systems meant Aptiv Connection Systems needed to extend its state-of-the-art production plant in Morocco to create additional floor space.

Traffic needed to move seamlessly between new and old

The challenge for Bouygues Moroccan subsidiary, Bymaro, the main contractor for the new extension, was to create a strong and permanent flat joint between the new and existing floor to enable traffic to move between the two areas without compromising the interface slab edges.

Following technical discussions with Leviat’s local Representative, the  Isedio ShieldJoint Arris Repair solution was chosen to join the two-floor areas. Widely used to repair shrinking or damaged joints in industrial concrete floors, ShieldJoint was easily adapted to provide a quick and cost-effective, seamless joint that would remain debris-free and would not be damaged by the constant heavy traffic flow.

Built-in adjustment made alignment simple

130 metres of the Arris Repair system was subsequently positioned within a new channel, sawn out of the concrete floor close to the original margin. After adjusting the height to ensure perfect alignment with the existing floor level, the void on either side of the joint was filled with a mortar compound. 

Unique design provided added benefits

The unique design of the lower third plate and metal top plate removed the need for chemical sealants, whilst preventing debris contamination of the finished joint in use. It also allowed for up to 25mm expansion to accommodate drying shrinkage in the concrete floor sections. 

Leviat’s extensive experience in jointing and repairing all types of industrial and commercial cast-in-situ concrete floors meant they could provide technical support throughout the selection and installation process. This ensured that Bymaro was able to carry out the installation quickly and effectively, providing a long-term solution that would enable Aptiv to operate the busy expanded warehouse without further cost or downtime for repeated maintenance.

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