Non-residential construction covers a wide range of buildings from schools, hospitals and offices, to shopping centres and car parks. These large-scale, multi-storey developments, typically involve a concrete frame with a central core. Safety and efficiency on site are paramount.

Our engineered concrete connections simplify construction joint detailing, improve safety on site and accelerate build speed.

For example, our reinforcement continuity systems at wall-to-slab joints accelerate the speed of construction and protect workers from the dangers of protruding bars.

Punching shear reinforcement placed through the reinforcement grid at column locations enables the construction of flat concrete slabs that simplify formwork requirements and maximise floor-to-ceiling headspace.

Traditional construction details such as keyed joints, double columns and corbel supports can be replaced by more efficient joints incorporating our two-part shear load connectors that are quick and easy to detail and install.

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Our fabricated support systems and cast-in channels secure the architectural external cladding of these buildings back to the structural frame, and are engineered to suit the exact requirements of the design features and load conditions of the façade.

Tension rod systems are often used to provide an architectural as well as a structural element here. They are used to support canopies and roof trusses, providing unobstructed access below, and restrain large areas of glazing against wind loads.

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